Wholefoods are basically just ingredients or foods that have been processed as little as possible so think of them as foods your grand-mother or great-grandmother, depending on how old you are, would recognise as food.

Basic ingredients like rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts, legumes, grains, pulses, seeds, spices. For you to mix up your own breakfast cereals and salad toppings the way you like it with no preservatives, thickeners, sugars, gums or ‘added colours and flavours’.

Flours that are stone milled so they retain the natural oils and some of the wheat germ and fine bran that makes it nutrient rich and for a lot of people more easily digestible.

Also Ancient grains like farro, spelt, kamut, freekeh & amaranth that are now being farmed again all over Australia including a beautiful Quinoa from Tasmania.

We now have a lovely local kombucha, unhomogenised organic milk, raw organic hand-made chocolates and hand blended chais & teas.